Pune-one of the fastest developed city of India

Pune is a second best city of India to live in, compare to 11 most desirable cites of India. The city is compared by the five parameters that is capacity, resources, both economically & fundamentally, participation in legal political activity. It is also the cultural capital of Maharashtra.



The cities in the lane are — Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Surat, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Kanpur and Pune is one of them.—in these cities the studies are compare to New York and London. As many famous and popular colleges and universities

It is the ninth largest metropolis city in India. These days, the city is known for its high educational facilities. This city is emerging as a prominent place for IT and different manufacturing companies to develop their business. They want to set up their base and corporate offices here. Due to this it is attracting many migrants, who are seeking jobs from all over India and world.

It will soon become the second Silicon Valley of India, after Bangalore. As IT industry is growing very fast, the job opportunities are also raising in Pune, which is good sign for any city of the world. Unemployment is a hindrance for growth. Balewadi is one of the fastest developing real estate areas of Pune, as it is the neighborhood of Hinjewadi IT Park. It also has many good and reasonable hotels to accommodate tourist and business travelers. To know more about hotels in Balewadi click on the given link below:


Balewadi is a suburb of Pune, India. It is situated to the North West side of the city, and is well-known for the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex. This complex has also hosted the national games in 1994 and the Commonwealth Youth games in 2008.



Balewadi has many well-known educational institutes. Some of the famous schools and colleges are:

  • MITCON Institute of Management
  • D.M.I.R.
  • Moze Engineering College
  • N.I.A.

So visit this upcoming Silicon Valley and educational hub of India. 



Pune is a beautiful place and is one of the prides of Maharashtra state of India. Situated In close proximity to Mumbai – Pune is an important part of India. With respect to sports Pune is very important. Balewadi sports complex in Balewadi, makes Pune important to the nation. This complex is the place where some of the games of the commonwealth games had been organized. This sports complex again came into use during the recent Asian Athletics championship.


Initially, the event which was organized in Chennai was later shifted to Mumbai because of political issues in the city. There were minor repairs which were necessary for sports to be organizes and most of them were done before the commencement of the event. Numerous athletes from all over Asia were observed in the city This event just made the popular balewadi stadium come into more light.

This has made an excellent revenue in the city. Many audiences who saw these events had a great time. Click here to know more about hotels near balewadi complex and around balewadi. There are a number of hotels present in the locality and offer a variety of price ranges. Choose wisely whether which hotel you want to choose and for this you can make online research. Online travel portals help in making the decision quick as they bring together all the hotels on a single platform.

Balewadi is located on the Baner route of Pune which can be easily accessed from Pune railway station and Shivaji Nagar bus stand. All modes of transportation are available to reach Balewadi but among them bus travel from Shivaji Nagar to Balewadi is a good option. Make sure you don’t go on peak hours as the crowd is very large throughout all the buses which travel in that direction.

Balewadi is a prime location where you can find numerous investments and quality townships at affordable prices. The number of flats and bungalows available in the locality are spread over a long area and some of them are readily available for purchase.